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A study holiday abroad is the best way to deepen the knowledge of a foreign language and above all to immerse yourself in the culture of the language you are studying. Eliana knows this well as she decided, at the age of 26, to spend a month in Heidelberg, Germany, to learn more about German.

Holiday studio Heidelberg castle

What motivated you to participate in the program?

The desire to learn German and to live a different experience in the land I love most, Germany.

What did you like most about this experience?

The fact that I felt at home in a land that wasn’t really my birthplace.

Holiday studio Schwetsingen

Have you encountered any difficulties? If so, which ones?

At first I was a bit shy because I was afraid of making mistakes when I spoke, but then I jumped t it and I managed to make myself understood.

What skills have you acquired on a personal and/or professional level?

I learned to speak German in a more ‘professional’ way. In addition, this experience has taught me to be more independent and to have more confidence in myself: thanks to this trip, although short, I was able to understand how beautiful it is to live and travel alone.

Bamberg study holiday

What recommendations would you give to those who would like to take this path?

Recommendations? I would say to jump in and try: an experience abroad of this kind is not only formative in terms of learning a foreign language, but it is fun and challenges you in so many ways.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about this experience?

I advise everyone to have a similar experience and recommend the Ferienkurse of the University of Heidelberg as it is well structured and functional. This experience then allowed me to develop new friendships that I managed to maintain when I returned home and to appreciate Germany even more.

Heidelberg Study Vacation

Eliana shares her travel experiences on the blog Donna Vagabonda, go have a look!

Have you ever participated in a study holiday? What was your experience? On the blog you will find other stories of study experiences abroad.

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