Gennadi_Rhodes the 6 most beautiful beaches

Rhodes is an island worth visiting for several reasons. But Greece is famous for wonderful beaches, right? In this article I will tell you the 6 most beautiful beaches of Rhodes – the ones you should not miss!

The beautiful beaches, its millennial culture, good food and tranquillity are just a few of the motives to choose this island for your next holiday. I was there last summer for a week with my partner. As we always do, we explored it far and wide to discover everything the island has to offer. In Rhodes, the most beautiful beaches are 6, or at least these are the ones that have captured my heart. Some of them are not even those super popular with other travellers. You will find my choices a little counter current.

The 6 most beautiful beaches of Rhodes


Gennadi beach

The first beach I want to tell you about is the one I fell in love with right away, from the first time I set foot on it. Gennadi is located on the east coast of Rhodes, about 23km south of Lindos. For the most part, is a free pebble beach where you can relax in peace. But what makes the beach very special is, more than anything else, the atmosphere you will find there. The beach bar broadcasts music from the Seventies and the Eighties and is a really ‘Peace & Love’ place. Time will fly away without you even noticing.



Haraki, Rhodes

Haraki beach is small but lovely. What makes it beautiful is above all the the village of Haraki on the background. Moreover the small town is dominated by the ruins of a majestic castle overlooking the whole bay.

Another thing we enjoyed about this beach is that there weren’t many tourists, do you know why? Haraki is a small village where the Greeks go on holiday. As they bought their second house there, it is not the classic beach overrun by tourists. If you are on holiday as a couple be careful, because in the evening when the sky turns pink, you could fall in love even more! In Haraki we also dined a couple of times, just for the beauty of the village. I will talk about it soon in a different post.

Haraki, Rhodes, the 6 most beautiful beaches


Afandou is not a well known place in Rhodes, probably because of the proximity of the most famous Faliraki just 5 km and Rhodes only 20 km away. Its beach, however, is vast and beautiful, suitable if you want to take long walks by the sea without being disturbed. You won’t find many people on this beach, so silence is guaranteed.



Like all meeting points, Prassonissi beach has two souls that blend in and intersect in a short strip of beach. Prassonissi beach is located on the southernmost tip of the island and is the meeting point between two seas: the Aegean Sea and the Levant Sea. The two seas meet at high tide and divide at low tide connecting the mainland with the island of Prassonissi. This smaller island is located just in front and you can climb on it with a short walk. I advise you to climb it because the view from there is fantastic!

Prassonissi, Rhodes, the 6 most beautiful beaches

Traganou Beach

Traganou Beach is also located on the east coast of the island and is less than 5 km from Faliraki and about fifteen kilometres from Rhodes. It’s a white pebble beach and has crystal clear water. What makes it stand out from the other beaches is that it is surrounded by cliffs hiding some secrets. At the end of the beach you will find suggestive and romantic caves. It is possible to go inside to enjoy the beauty of nature that in this landscape shows its best.

Traganou, Rhodes the 6 most beautiful beaches

Anthony Quinn’s Bay

Although it is the most touristy of the beaches, I have told you so far, it is worth visiting. You arrive at the bay from above and then descend a ladder through the trees leading to the beach. The beach itself is not big, but the lagoon nestled between the rocks has its charm. It’s called Anthony Quinn’s Bay precisely because the actor was so fascinated by it that he bought a house and land in a neighbouring area. Moreover, the bar above the beach offers a magnificent panoramic view.

Anthony Quinn's Bay - Rhodes, the 6 most beautiful beaches

I would exclude from the 6 most beautiful beaches in Rhodes…

I didn’t appreciate the most known Agathi Beach, usually recognised for its golden sand and crystal-clear water. The reason is that when we went there, it was too crowded. We like to stay quiet on the beach, so this is not the ideal beach for those looking for peace. By the way, if you do not arrive early in the morning it may not be easy to find parking, while on the other beaches it is much quicker.


If you want to read more posts about the Greek islands, you will soon find those dedicated to the island of Samos in the destinations section. In the meanwhile, you can read my posts about Turkey!

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