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How to find the perfect restaurant in London if you are a tourist or if you live there? Squaremeal can help with a user-friendly website which allows you to find the right venue for every occasion.

I wish I had known Squaremeal when I lived in London, instead, I have only found out during lockdown as I was looking for restaurant-standard recipes to make at home as we could not go out for dinner.

Squaremeal: how to find the perfect restaurant in London 2
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I really enjoy dining out and Squaremeal was very useful to try out some of my favourite restaurant meals. But as I said before I wish I had known it when I lived in London because I would have used it to find restaurants and bars to try out.

How to find the perfect restaurant in London

Dining out in London

Dining out in a metropolis may seem daunting at times. The available choices are too many and we cannot really know every venue in the city. Squaremeal – an online service listing restaurants, bars and pubs for everyday needs but also venues for special occasions – help us find the right venue for every occasion.

On the website, you can see the different categories: restaurants, bars & pubs, event & party venues, Christmas parties. I think it can be useful if you are just visiting London but also if you live there and want to explore some different places.

The thing I like the most about Squaremeal is that I can either choose all restaurants or a specific area or a specific category, for example, Italian or Vegan cuisine. If you live in London and don’t want to go too far from where you live the research by area could be very useful – if you are visiting London and you are looking for a particular cuisine you can just click here and see for example the Best Vegan Restaurants in the city.

How to find the perfect restaurant in London
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I will certainly use it next time I am in London as I am always curious to try out new places. A nice feature is that you can also filter restaurants by price and/or rating so that you can only see the BEST restaurants suitable for your budget. Personally, when I am travelling I am careful not to spend too much so this feature is perfect for me. But filters are not limited to that – you can add a lot of filters like dog-friendly, romantic, Michelin-rated among many others.

Interesting is that you can use Squaremeal to directly book your restaurant or venue and this can be very useful when there are many people in town and it may be difficult to find a table. This can happen when big events take place in the city, like the London Marathon or the Notting Hill Carnival for example. In those days it is absolutely crazy to find a place to eat out in London so Squaremeal can save you and your stomach.

Not just dinners, but venues for every occasion

Squaremeal is the right place if you are looking for venues for special occasions. Christmas parties are very popular in London (I absolutely loved them) and on the website, you can find a section with all the Christmas parties venues. But Christmas is still far away… so if you want to celebrate your birthday or your wedding or your anniversary and you want to make sure it is safe after the Covid-19 lockdown, Squaremeal helps you in that too. How? By showing hygiene ratings in all listings.

Wedding venues on Squaremeal
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And believe me when I say this is important nowadays. I have just been on holidays in a horrible hotel in Italy where hygiene was clearly not a priority. I wish there was a rating as the one on Squaremeal to help me choose a better place for my holiday!

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