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The Passenger Locator Form or PLF Greece is the form required to enter Greece – in this article I will explain when and how to fill it out, page by page.

Travellers are no longer required to fill out the PLF form.

Last update: 25/02/2023

Checklist: everything you need to go to Greece in 2021

  • PLF Greece (Passenger Locator Form) available on the website and for which you will find all the instructions below – JUST ONE PLF PER FAMILY.
  • Green Pass (necessary for those over 12 years old) and obtainable with -vaccination certificate (second dose carried out at least 14 days prior to arrival), certificate of recovery from Covid between 30 and 180 days prior to arrival, PCR swab carried out in the previous 72h or rapid swab in the previous 48h with negative results.

How is the Covid situation in Greece?

A map has been made available by the Greek Government where you can monitor the development of the Covid situation in Greece to check and evaluate if you consider it appropriate to go anyway to the holiday resort you booked.

On the map you will also find zone-specific restrictions, based on color.

Keep track of the map as the information is updated weekly.

When to fill out the PLF Greece form?

You can fill out the Passenger Locator Form even a few hours before departure. My advice is however to fill it out a few days in advance to avoid problems.

PLF Greece

Any updates can be found here and on the website

Those who wish to go to Greece can do so without worries. Before departure, in fact, you will have to fill out an online form called PLF or Passenger Locator Form – it is nothing more than a form where you have to enter your travel information. The PLF to enter Greece is mandatory, not filling it out means not being boarded on a plane or ferry.

It remains mandatory to present a negative molecular test for Covid-19 (in English) carried out in the 72 hours prior to arrival in Greece or a rapid swab with a negative result carried out in the 48 hours prior to departure for those who do not have a Green Pass with vaccination – second dose carried out at least 14 days prior to arrival – or certificate of recovery from Covid from 30 to 180 days before departure.

Beware that those who have Green Pass following healing from Covid + a vaccine dose must still do the swab.

In addition, a rapid test carried out on arrival at the airport is provided on a random basis.

PLF Greece: the complete guide to fill out the Passenger Locator Form 1

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When does the QR code of the PLF Greece arrive?

The QR code arrives just after sending the PLF – it is therefore advisable to fill in the PLF a few days before departure,in order to fill in the most updated version and make sure that there have been no changes in the meantime. (Last year it arrived the night before the arrival in Greece, it is no longer like that).

Is the Greece PLF still mandatory?

Many of you write to me to asking if the PLF is still mandatory. The answer is yes. Filling out the PLF is mandatory.

Registration PLF Greece on the website

To fill in the PLF, registration on the site is required before filling out the form.

As long as you register with email and password, you will receive an email to verify the account and you can then fill out the PLF Greece.

How to change the PLF?

Since you can register you can also change the module if you make mistakes in the compilation, so you do not need to fill out a new one.

Just click on the dashboard at the top left and from there you can make the necessary changes.

One PLF per family

One PLF should be submitted per family.” that is, one PLF form per family must be completed.

When I was in Greece in early July 2021, I was only asked for one, however I had filled out one for each adult to be sure.

PLF Greece: how to fill it out

Where and when to fill out the Passenger Locator Form

The Passenger Locator Form, the document to enter Greece, can be filled out at the address and all travelers about to go to Greece must fill it out before departure.

Attention, is the only official and free site to compile the PLF, if you are asked for money at the end of the compilation, you are not on the official website!

When do you have to fill out the Greece PLF?

The PLF can also be compiled today for the end of August but it does not make much sense: there may be variations and therefore you could then present a PLF not updated to the latest version. My advice is to fill out the form a few days before departure, also to make sure that the trip is actually confirmed.

How to fill out the PLF

form to go to the initial Grecia_PLF Grecia_pagina

When you type or click on the address you wrote earlier to access the form, you will find yourself in front of this screen. In addition to welcoming you to Greece, the Greek government informs that since the first of July Greece has been welcoming travelers by carrying out a series of diagnostic checks to protect everyone during the season.

The PLF is a key element in planning a trip to Greece. All travelers are obliged to complete the PLF before departure (if you do not fill out you will not be embarked),providing detailed information about your starting point, the duration of previous stays in other countries and the address of your stay while in Greece.

  • Travelers will receive a confirmation email once they submit the PLF
  • Travelers will receive the PLF via email with a QR code after filling out the PLF document

By pressing Start Here, you will find yourself in front of the first real screen of the online form.

Passenger Locator Form_domande initials to click

On this page it asks you to declare that you have read the protocol relating to arrivals and that you will fill out the form in a complete, correct and sincere way and that you will fill out only one form per family. Now, I hope that the airlines will be up to date on this point, because last year they created many problems for those who filled out one per family.

In any case, to continue you must select all three fields.

The protocol relating to arrivals defines the methods of arrival that you can partly find on the article I wrote previously regarding the questions and answers to spend the holidays in Greece.

Once you have selected the two items, you can click on Continue.

PLF to go to Greece - type of transport

The PLF goes on to ask you the type of transport with which you arrive in Greece by proposing the following options:

  • By land (bus, train, car)
  • Plane
  • Cruise ship
  • Ferry

Once you have selected your means of transport, you can proceed to the next page that asks you for information on the type of transport chosen.

By land

It asks you to select which means of ground transport you will use between bus, train and car. By selecting bus, you will be asked for the license plate number (optional), the carrier or the bus company you are going to use, the seat (optional), the date of entry into Greece, the point of entry into the country. For the train the questions are the same, while if you arrive in Greece with the car it asks you for the license plate number, this time not optional, the date of entry into the country and the point of entry.


By selecting plane you will be asked to fill in a page related to the flight – airline, flight number (in case the flight is private you have to put a tick to the relevant question), the date of arrival and point of entry in the country or the airport where you land in Greece. If you were to land in Athens (but it can be any airport in Greece) for example and then take a domestic flight to continue your journey, you will have to select ‘Please check if there is an internal connection flight’ and once you have selected the option you will see the fields to enter the data relating to the domestic flight – airline, flight number and arrival date.

PLF - info domestic flights

Cruise ship

It will ask you for the name of the company (Costa Cruises, MSC, etc.), the name of the ship, the cabin number, the date of disembarkation in Greece, and the port to which you will dock.


As for the cruise ship it will ask you for the name of the shipping company, the name of the ferry, the cabin or seat number, the date of disembarkation and the port of docking.

PLF - ferry info

After filling in the part relating to means of transport, you will be asked for personal data.

Surname, name, gender, age, type of document (passport or identity card of which you will then have to enter the number), mobile phone number with the country code, the telephone number of work and home (both optional), an email address.

I recommend that you make sure that the email address is correct because you will receive confirmation that you have completed the form and the QR code.

PLF Greece – questions related to your health status and credentials for access to Greece

Afterwards you will be asked for Health Questions – i.e. questions related to your state of health and the credentials you submit for your entry into Greece.

PLF Greece: the complete guide to fill out the Passenger Locator Form 2

You must select the first option if you have completed the vaccine more than 14 days before the date of entry into Greece.

You must select the second option if you have done PCR swab no earlier than 72h before your arrival in Greece.

You must select the third option if you have recovered from Covid and have a certificate that can prove it 30 to 180 days before departure.

All certificates must also be written in English.

If you select Complete Vaccination you will be asked the country in which you made the vaccine, which vaccine you have made and the date of the last dose (in the case of a vaccine with two doses the last dose must be indicated, while in the case of a single-dose vaccine the date must be indicated).

Personal information

You are asked for personal information below:

  • Surname
  • Name
  • Second name (if you have one otherwise leave it blank)
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Document type
  • Document number
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address – an unchangeable field that shows the email address with which you registered.

Information for the PLF – address of residence

Afterwards you will be asked for your address of residence.

Passenger Locator Form - residential address

Country, region, city, postal code, street, house number, apartment/interior number (optional).

If you have stayed or visited another country in the 14 days prior to your stay in Greece, you will have to declare it here.

Temporary address in Greece

Once you have entered all the data, on the next page you will be asked for the Temporary Address – i.e. the address of the hotel or apartment where you will be staying in Greece.

Country, city, postal code, hotel name (optional) – if you are in the apartment and it has a name maybe give a reference – street, extension number (optional).  

If you are staying in more than one address you will have to select the option at the bottom of the page:

PLF - second address in Greece

By selecting this option you can enter the data of the second address.

PLF information about an emergency contact

After that it will ask you for information about an emergency contact,that is, someone who can reach you during your stay in Greece. In this order it will ask you for your last name, first name, country, city, telephone number and email address.

Once this page is also finished, it will ask you to enter any travel companions belonging to your family. Also in this case you will be asked for surname, first name, seat number (optional) and age.

PLF - travel companions

The next page asks you to enter non-family or non-relative travel companions – this is the case for example of unmarried couples not living together or groups of friends.

PLF - travel companions

If you are sure that all the data you have entered are correct you can click on Submit and you will receive a confirmation email. At midnight before the day of arrival you should then receive the QR code.

Depending on the QR code that will be assigned to you, on arrival you will have to do or not a swab. If positive you will all be quarantined in a dedicated hotel where a PRC test will be carried out.

If this article has been useful to you, I would love to stay in touch. Follow me on Instagram so I can update you in real time in case of news to go to our beloved Greece.

How to modify the PLF Greece

If you have made a mistake in entering some data, there is no problem. You can return with email and password selected at the time of registration and make the necessary changes. If you had already received the QR Code, you will receive a new one – keep the second one good.

Clarifications from the HELLENIC NATIONAL TOURIST BOARD on questions put to me on the PLF for Greece

In case of arrival in Greece by private boat, the first docking port must be indicated as the point of arrival.

In the case of a journey consisting of plane to the Greek airport + private / rented boat you must indicate as a means of air transport and then indicate the final destination as Temporary Address.

In case of transit to Greece to another foreign country, the PLF must still be completed – the Hellenic National Tourist Board recommends in this case to contact the Greek Civil Protection directly on 0030 215 5605 151 for all the details. They speak English.

How to get between the Greek islands by ferry

These days I’m getting a lot of questions about travel between Greek islands by ferry.

You don’t need to compile another PLF. The Passenger Locator Form is the document necessary to enter Greece, so it is not necessary once you arrive in Greece to fill out a new PLF to move between the Greek islands. However, you must submit another form.

The source of this information is the official website – the form to be completed is the Health Declaration Questionnaire prior to boarding – you will find a copy with an unofficial translation into Italian at this link. You download, fill it out, print it out and present it at ferry boarding when you have to move from one island to another.

I quote verbatim always from the site the following:

For ferries that have a Greek island as their final destination, all adult travelers must also present at boarding, ALTERNATIVELY:

Vaccination certificate that certifies the completion of the vaccination cycle for at least 14 days; Negative PCR test carried out in the 72 hours prior to boarding; Rapid antigenic test carried out in the 48 hours prior to embarkation; A certificate of healing issued following a PCR test or by rapid antigenic test. Greek legislation requires that the certificate of healing be issued 30 days after the first positive test, with validity up to 180 days after it. 

PLF Greece: Do non-cohabiting people have to fill out multiple RBFs?

I’m getting a lot of questions from boyfriends who don’t live together regarding the need to fill out the PLF individually. I recommend making two separate ones and adding the other person as Travel Companion on both RBFs. Probably not necessary but better to fill one for nothing than to risk not being embarked.

If you have any further questions, please write to me on Instagram for feedback as quickly as possible or to

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  1. Hi do you have to complete a separate form if you live together but not married? We are a family of 5 but I don’t have the same surname.

  2. Hi! My companion are I live together, we have a house but we are not married. Is it okay to put him as a travel companion?

  3. My dashboard is not allowing me to change the information I put in incorrectly. I will be on a cruise and it will not let me change the entry to airplane because I submitted a cruise ship. It is also not letting me submit a new form. Any suggestions on what to do to correct this? Thank you for your help!

  4. I will not get my passport until the day before I leave, so I do not have a passport number to put in the PLF. I am worried that my QR code will not reach me before my flight goes, just less than 24 hours later.

  5. Hi I would like to have your help!!

    I had completed the PLF on 12/10/21 since I was entering Crete, Greece. Now I have decided to go to Athens, what I need to do in this case? I cannot complete a new one. What are my options ?

  6. This is very helpful! I am wondering if you have any ideas on my complicated travel. I am flying from the USA with two connecting flights (one going through London), then landing in Mykonos. I will stay in Mykonos for a few days, then head to Athens on another flight. Should I fill out two PLF’s? Also, on the first PLF, there is only one spot for info for connecting flight. Not sure what info I should put there. Thanks!

  7. Hi, am I ok to leave the seat numbers blank for family members as it says optional next to it. I now have the seat numbers however if I go back in there is no longer any option to add them. Or should I start a new form and add them?

  8. Me and my husband are fully vaccinated but my 13 year old and 10 year old are not but it doesn’t give option to say that on the form as it only asks for details of my vaccination and doeswn’t give option to say my 13 yr old will have the PCR test – is that OK or should I fill a separate form for my kids?

  9. Hi,

    I have filled in the PLF form for my family and the health questions and there wasn’t an option to add my husbands health details re COVID. It just so happens that we were both vaccinated on the same day so the details are the same. Did I miss the option to add his health details in also to show the date he was vaccinated and what vaccination etc. Or do they just accept the details of me and will require his certificate on arrival?

    Many thanks

  10. It says you can do a lateral flow (rapid anti-gen) 48hrs before arrival so what would I click on the health bit as there isn’t a option for Rapid anti gen would I click the pcr one ?

    Help anybody??

  11. Thanks for this guide! I filled the form and put my husband as travel companion. He has one field in which they ask “Passport / National ID” – I just put “Passport” in there. Now I think: Should I write the passport number there? Or is it only the information what kind of identification he uses?
    Thank you!

  12. I’m attempting to complete the PLF – I’m travelling with my hubby. I’ve completed one for me and added hubby as additional family member. Does my hubby need a separate PLF and put me as additional family member. Thank you

  13. Hello,

    I am trying to fill in the Greece PLF. I am stuck as we travel straight from the airport – Athens international – to a cruise ship – yet the form wants me to enter a temporary address with a zip code. Do I just put down, say, the zip code for athens airport?

  14. Why is the Isle of Man not listed as a country ?
    The Isle of Man is part of the British Isles but it is NOT part of the UK
    There should be a drop down to select the Isle of Man as a country.

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