Learn Italian with MosaLingua

If you want to learn Italian but you don’t know where to start, you are in the right place. I’ll tell you all about MosaLingua, an app and web platform that makes learning languages easy and fun, you will speak Italian like a native in no time!

Italian is a very fascinating language, and I am not saying it just because it is my mother tongue. Italian is said to be the language of love – many great love stories in literature & cinema are set in Italy – and we are romantic people. Foreign people admire us for how freely and spontaneously we speak about our feelings.

Anyway there are many reasons why one may want to learn Italian and in this article I’ll tell you how to do it.

learn Italian with MosaLingua
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Learn Italian with MosaLingua

What is MosaLingua

MosaLingua is a company, but better than that, is a team of 30+ language lovers from all over the world who create with passion language learning materials in different languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese to start with.

MosaLingua is also a web platform where to learn Italian and other languages and is also an app that you can download to your smartphone and learn languages on the go. You know the best thing about having these two tools? You can study on one or the other and track your progress – so your language learning journey is always up-to-date!

Why choose MosaLingua to learn Italian

In the previous paragraph you can already find a very good reason to choose MosaLingua: the opportunity to study from desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone at any moment.

The second reason (not for importance) is the MOSA Learning® Method. This method has been created based on many concepts of cognitive science and psychology. But don’t worry: it’s easy as ABC.

The Spaced Repetition System

Repeating something is essential for our brain to remember it. However, repeating something 10 times in a row just before we need it won’t make us memorize it and we’ll probably forget it just when we need that piece of information.

Repetition needs to be done at specific intervals, for example after 5 minutes, after 7 hours, after 3 days and then 10, then after a month, until you learn a word or an expression and it gets stored in your long term memory.

Active learning

At MosaLingua active learning is essential. To learn something you need to act: for example you can register yourself saying a word and then listen and eventually, correct your pronunciation. You can store words and expressions through flashcards that you can retrieve at any time you need them.

Pareto’s principle

Pareto’s principle says that 80% of the effects is caused by 20% of the causes. At MosaLingua, a similar principle applies: you start by learning 20% of the things you need in 80% of the situations. Once you’ve learned this part, you can then complete your knowledge with lots of other words, but in the meanwhile you’ll already be able to communicate in your target language.


At MosaLingua motivation is one of the most important drives to learn a language. Without motivation you go nowhere, that’s why they propose different kinds of learning material, as well as emails to keep students motivated during their language learning journey.

Learn Italian with MosaLingua

3 good reasons to learn Italian

Ok, so now that you’ve understood why choose MosaLingua to learn Italian, I want to suggest you 3 reasons why you should choose specifically Italian.

Reason #1: Italian is a beautiful language

Italian is a beautiful language with a good rhythm and tone: you can hear it in songs, movies and around the streets. It’s very rich, we can say the very same thing in many ways and we accompany words with gestures. It’s a language that you speak with your mouth but also with your hands.

Reason #2: To understand menus in Italian restaurants

Reading a menu in the original language is always a good thing. Sometimes, meaning gets lost in translation, or the translation is so bad that you order thinking of eating one thing and end up eating something totally different.

Reason #3: To visit Italy

Italy is like Italian: beautiful. From north to south there’s not a single place that I would not recommend visiting and as I always say, it’s always nice to know the local language to better enjoy your visit. Not many Italian people speak English, let alone other languages, so if you speak few words of Italian you’ll have more chances to get information and smiles.

how to learn italian quickly
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So, ready to start your language learning journey with Italian?

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