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Blogger’s work is not an easy one. Design Bundles helps to make a blogger’s life easier. Read the article to find out about this portal and all available resources.

‘Hi, I am a travel blogger”, “what?”, “a blogger, someone who writes a blog”, “is that even a job?”, “not yet, but I would like it to be and I do it as it was already my job because it is something important to me”.

How many of you have already heard these lines? How many of you had to explain what a travel blogger is or does? Well, behind a blog – travel or other – there is a lot of work and creativity. Bloggers need to write articles, edit, and upload pictures, format posts, optimise them for SEO and Google ranking and create banners for social media.

One day in the life of a travel blogger: how is it?

Well, a blogger or at least that is what I do, I plan contents for my blog in advance, according to season, current affairs and topics I know about. But let us see what a blogger does when he or she needs to write an article.

Every article should start with a keyword research – by googling the topic you want to write about you can see the research intent of users as well as if the topic is searched for. Of course, there are many tools to help with the keyword research and to make bloggers’ life easier.

Travel Blogger life
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Once I found the keywords, I write the article, then I edit it and then comes the most time-consuming part. Pictures and social media graphics to share the articles on all social media channels.

Pictures take a lot of time to be edited, cropped and post-produced to be then uploaded onto the articles and social media graphics, as you may already know, should be different from one channel to the other which means hours of work, at least for me.

Fortunately, online there are plenty of tools to facilitate our work but not all of them are good or professional. What I found to be a great resource, for blogging but for all artistic projects, is Design Bundles. Design Bundles is a website – or rather a platform – with plenty of resources for bloggers but also for people creating online and offline projects which include creativity.

Design Bundles: available resources

On Design Bundles you will find resources for creating very different projects. Resources include graphics, add-ons, photos, templates, crafters. Some of them are free but most of all are not, but do not worry, you do not have to invest a lot of money to make your projects look really professional!

Design Bundles

I find photos and templates particularly useful for bloggers and for myself too. Often, I do not have the right pictures for my posts and Design Bundles comes to my rescue – same goes for templates for social media. As I mentioned before, social media need different templates for each of them. Should we create them manually one by one we would ‘waste’ a lot of time, with Design Bundles we can spare that time and use it to do what we like better. In my case, organising new trips and writing on my blog about them.

Social media
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One thing that all bloggers should have is a professional-looking logo and SVGs are what you need to make a great looking logo. But you can use SVGs for many other things, like posters, birthday cards, wedding invitations, etc.

I like the flower svg the most as they are versatile and you can use them for logos, graphics, but also paper-cutting.

Business Cards and media kit

Business cards are a professional tool that we all need to present ourselves to potential clients or collaborators so we cannot get it wrong. With Design Bundles we can create wonderful business cards to impress our future clients without spending a fortune!

Bloggers also need media kit to show tourism boards and companies our online project and these can be composed as infographics or brochures or other formats according to the blogger’s creativity.

Design Bundles: a website every blogger needs to make his/her life easier

As you can see, being a blogger for passion or for work is not an easy task as there are hours of work behind every article, not to mentions what it takes to keep the website running in terms of checks, updates and changes. Then, what most bloggers do not say is that they spend a lot of time studying – SEO, post-production, video-making, copywriting, etc. – so to have a tool that makes our life easier simplifying some of the tasks of our everyday ‘struggle’ is really great. I highly recommend Design Bundles if you have a blog or if you need some ready-made creativity in your life.

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