I am Elisa, 32 years old, born and raised in Trentino, where I still live. But I haven’t always lived here…

Forlì, Turin, London, Mons are some of the cities I called home and that still have a special place in my heart.

About me_Elisa of Eli loves travelling

Travelling has always been a great passion of mine, as a child I used to do it by reading stories of distant places for hours, then I grew up and started to travel and live abroad, which made me fall more and more in love with travelling. Travelling as I mean it: as discovery, as an approach to a culture different from mine.

I like the preparation of a trip, the planning, then I love exploring and actually being present and then I like the aftermath, looking through the pictures and going through my memories.

I love to organize trips for myself but also for family and friends, I like to road trips and exploring the places I go to. And then I like to share my travel tales and that’s why I created this blog, here you’ll find:

  • my travels tales
  • advice on how to organize trips without spending a fortune, something I am very good at
  • things to do and see in my beloved Val di Fiemme, in Italy
  • experiences of life abroad mine and of friends and other bloggers, to have more perspectives and to perhaps inspire some of you to live an experience abroad

For me, travelling means exploring, getting to know new things, trying new flavors, meeting new people and new lifestyles.

Travelling is one of the few things that makes my eyes shine and feel – really – free.

To live like a local is one of my mottos when I travel – live as a local person – because only by doing so  you can really understand the true essence of a place… You’ll find stories about low cost holidays and travels, but I will also tell you about what I eat where I go, I’m a food lover, so I never say no to a good dinner in a typical restaurant – actually I don’t ever say no to breakfasts and lunches either!

I also like to photograph, I think that pictures are able to frame moments and emotions in a wonderful way.

I firmly believe that travelling opens the mind and that the world should be appreciated in its diversity and in the many facets it offers us.

If you want to contact me, you can email me at elilovestravelling@gmail.com

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram, come and have a look!