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Discover Sifnos in this all-new compact guide to the Greek islands. How to reach it, where to eat, where to stay, the most beautiful beaches and much more in this all-new article where you will also find a downloadable infographic!

Welcome to a new article of my new blog series: “A compact guide to Greek islands”, a series of brief but complete guides to most Greek islands, written in collaboration with other bloggers.

These guides are meant to be compact and to give you a quick idea on what to expect from the island as well as practical information on the main things to do and see there.

I hope you find this new series useful and enjoyable! Here you can find the other guides.

The island of Sifnos

Today Dean, author of Routinely Nomadic and I, are going to take you to Sifnos. As you may know, is in the Cyclades. It is a mountainous island with numerous cliffs but also many sandy beaches. It is not big as it covers an area of 73,94 square meters and it has only around 2500 inhabitants.

Sifnos is famous for its handmade ceramics, although it is not invaded by mass tourism yet.

A compact guide to Sifnos, Greece 1
Source: Pixabay

How to reach Sifnos

Sifnos has no airport, therefore you will need to fly to Athens or Santorini and then take a ferry to the island. The transfer from Athens takes between three to six hours, while from Santorini it is quicker to get there.

Sifnos could be also a good idea if you enjoy island hopping, as it is well connected with other small islands.

A compact guide to Sifnos, Greece 2
Source: Unsplash

How to move on the island

As it is a small island you could rent a scooter, however this is not very comfy if you stay long or if you travel with family. In that case, renting a car could be a better option.

Download the infographics!

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Infographics about Sifnos Greece

What catches the eye when you first arrive on the island?

“Sifnos was our fourth island and coming from the much busier Milos we were particularly struck by tiny, relaxed Kamares. In a sheltered little bay, the main town on the island seemed like a simple village, with friendly people and nice views. Driving across the island we were impressed by the outstanding scenery, the excellent hiking routes, and nice viewpoints. Clearly much quieter than many other islands in the area, it didn’t seem to matter which area you stay, it will be a very relaxed location.”

What makes this island more interesting than others?

Sifnos has an extensive network of hiking trails, all easily accessible from the main population centres. What really sets the hiking on Sifnos apart, though, is how organized it is. Every trail is categorized, clearly marked, and included in the free hiking guide provided by the tourism board.

The best place to eat on the island 

Lost Bay Beach Bar – Platos Gialos

Where to sleep 

Pension Moschoula – Platos Gialos

The most beautiful beaches in Sifnos

  • Platos Gialos,
  • Vathi,
  • Paralia
  • Fikada,
  • Kamares,
  • Chrissopigi
Sifnos Greece
Source: Unsplash

The best place to watch the sunset

The best place to enjoy a typical Greek sunset in Sifnos is Vathi Beach.

The best experiences to do on the island

Visiting Castle Sifnos and the Church of Seven Martyrs in Castro are a must, but you can also visit the neighbouring island of Serifos by boat or take a Greek cuisine course.

Chrissopigi Monastery Sifnos island Greece
Source: Pixabay

Sifnos map

Reasons to visit Sifnos

Although it is close to more popular islands like Milos and Santorini, it offers a much more serene experience. As with most Greek islands, there are many great beaches to choose from but what sets Sifnos apart is the fact you won’t be fighting for space with other tourists. Also, the hiking is phenomenal and so well-organized it is easily possible to follow all the different routes using their efficient guide. Staying in Kamares, you will have more choices of restaurants and easier public transportation options, or you can choose a more remote beach like Platos Gialos for even more tranquillity.

Sifnos Island is suitable:

  • for families with kids
  • for people looking for fun
  • for people looking for peace and quiet

The best period to visit the island is September, however, all summer months are perfect on the Greek islands.

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